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TradingView is robust for technical analysis, but doesn't offer powerful tools for fundamental investors like TIKR.

How Does TIKR Compare
to TradingView?

Global Stocks
20+ years of financial charting
Customizable Equity Screener
Company snapshots
Web-based platform
Intuitive and user-friendly
Free Plans Available
Transparent Pricing
Technical Analysis Tools
Filings and transcripts
Track Investing Gurus
Custom Newsfeeds
Watchlist tracking with valuations and financials
Detailed Wall Street Forecasts

Pricing Comparison

TradingView is a great platform technical traders, but lacks the depth of fundamental data that TIKR has for longer term investing.

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Our free plan provides US data, 2 years of analyst estimates, 90 days of company transcripts and more to get you started




Unlock advanced functionality and global stocks coverage — all in an affordable package.




Access TIKR’s full functionality to analyze stocks globally. Unlimited screeners, 20 years of financial charting and more!

Starting price


Essential: $12.95/mo, Plus: $24.95/mo, Premium: $49.95/mo

Similar pricing to our platform, but without the in-depth fundamental analysis.

Why are people switching to TIKR?

Track the portfolios of the world’s top investors

Find out how the top investors in the world build their portfolios to outperform.

Expansive global data coverage

Our data and screener covers over 92 countries and 136 exchanges. Leave no stone unturned!

Easy to use interface

Our interface blends robust analysis capabilities with an easy to use workflow used by 300,000+ individual investors around the world.

Wall Street analyst estimates

We offer all of the latest Wall Analyst estimates and forecasts data for thousands of global stocks.

Professional valuation tools

Investors can take their investment analysis further with forward valuation multiples, trailing multiples, competitor comparisons and street targets.

Monitor your personal portfolio

Timely news updates, earnings transcripts and company filings that ensure you are on top of the most recent happenings of your investments.

Our Data Coverage

TIKR gives you the data to make the most informed decisions for all your investment ideas.

We cover all the key data points and provide a comprehensive platform for the fundamental investor.

Wall Street Estimates
Investor Holdings
Short Interest

TIKR’s Pro plan gives you even more...

Our Pro plan gives you professional grade data and functionality to research your favorite companies

Powerful Global Stock Screener

Powerful Global Stock Screener

Save time by quickly sifting through the global universe of stocks. Our powerful screener covers stocks across 92 countries and 136 Exchanges.

Don’t limit yourself to just the U.S. markets. Leave no stone unturned and find the best investment opportunities globally!

Monitor your Portfolio with Ease

Monitor your Portfolio with Ease

Closely monitor your portfolio to protect your downside. Separate the signal from the noise with stock market news that can be customized across hundreds of topics.

Stay on top of your companies with our watchlist news feed that highlights upcoming events, company news, earnings & conference transcripts, and company filings.

Track the Top Investing Gurus

Track the Top Investing Gurus

What stock is Warren Buffett buying? Get an inside look at the portfolios of 10,000+ investors, including company insiders, hedge funds and other multi-billion dollar firms globally.

TIKR goes beyond just the US 13F filings and tracks any stocks that the investor has disclosed globally, including in Europe, Asia, Australia, and more.

See Why Our Customers Love TIKR

“Would highly recommend TIKR for anyone that doesn’t have access to Bloomberg. In fact, I once found filings for an obscure Korean company on TIKR that I couldn’t even find on Bloomberg.”

Conner Haley
Hedge Fund Investor
Conner Haley

“Anyone looking for a platform to research companies, I highly recommend using @theTIKR, an amazing platform to easily access financials, transcripts, and more.”

Edwin Dorsey
Investor & Writer
Edwin Dorsey

“I am in love with Screener Tool. 64,000+ companies at your fingertips. It’s your job to go find the best ones. Can’t wait to see what the TIKR team does next.”

Brandon Beylo
Writer & Investor
Brandon Beylo
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