July 6, 2012

The New Wave in Online Shopping is Here

DRAPER, UT- The next generation of online shopping will become a reality this summer as TiKR.com launches its new beta site which combines the best e-commerce features with cutting edge technology to provide a revolutionary online shopping experience.

Prices on TiKR.com are determined by real-time supply and demand. Its proprietary technology lets shoppers watch as prices change minute by minute, invoking the thrill of the stock floor as shoppers wait for the best possible price on their desired items.

TiKR will offer a variety of new consumer items including electronics, clothes, and more. The navigation will be simple and streamlined so shoppers can easily find items and compare product features without having to worry about the reliability of the supplier or the condition of the item. All suppliers will be held to high quality standards and TiKR will standardize terms and conditions to simplify the buying process.

The past few years have seen many changes in e-commerce formats, including auction sites like eBay, open marketplaces like Amazon, and deal-of-the-day sites like Groupon. Each of these formats has strengths and weaknesses. Auctions are exciting, but only in the final minutes. Marketplaces offer many choices, but it is hard to compare quality with so many different suppliers. Deal-of-the-day websites offer great deals, but on a limited number of items.

TiKR is the next step in the e-commerce evolution, combining the best features of these formats and offering a shopping experience that is as fun as it is easy. TiKR wants to turn e-commerce upside down, making online shopping exciting again. It will offer the thrill of the last minutes of an auction all the time as the price constantly fluctuates. Its wide selection of items will be easy to compare and suppliers will be held to rigorous quality standards. It will offer great deals on a variety of items and all items will be shipped for free to anywhere in the continental United States.

New technology, prices that accurately reflect by-the-minute supply and demand, the excitement of watching for the right price and then snatching it up when it happens, and the assurance of high quality products at great prices – all of this and more are coming your way very soon. Visit TiKR.com to experience an absolutely unique shopping experience.

Media Contact:
Todd Jensen


June 27, 2012

TiKR.com Will Revolutionize E-commerce …. And Offer Free Shipping

DRAPER, UT — Launching this summer, TiKR.com is a new evolution in e-commerce.  Its cutting-edge technology offers a new and exciting shopping experience and all items will ship free to anywhere in the continental United States.

TiKR’s revolutionary new technology uses real-time supply and demand to determine prices for the variety of products sold on its site.  Shoppers can watch as the price rises and falls and choose to buy when an item hits their desired price point.

Though the prices on TiKR will fluctuate based on market forces, the shipping never will.  In addition to being able to find great deals on hot items, shoppers on TiKR can also count on free shipping on all items.  Which means that shoppers don’t have to try and calculate the cost of shipping as they watch the price of an item fluctuate.

A recent study showed that 44% of online shoppers who abandon their carts without purchasing items do so because of high shipping costs.  Many shoppers complain that it is hard to calculate the total cost of an item if they don’t know the shipping costs until the end of the transaction.

Todd Jensen, co-founder of TiKR, said free shipping helps make the buying experience easier for shoppers because that’s one less factor they have to worry about.  The price they see on the product page is the price they will pay; there are no hidden fees or complicated shipping costs.

A positive shopping experience is at the core of TiKR’s mission.  The website has a simple interface designed to help shoppers find products quickly and clearly see all the product information.  Its fluctuating price model rewards attentive shoppers and invokes the thrill of the final minutes of an online auction or the rush of the stock market selling floor, but the excitement can be found at any time from the comfort of your own home.

Be among the first to experience this breakthrough in online shopping.  Follow the launching process on TiKR.com.

Media Contact:
Todd Jensen


June 20, 2012

Power to the People: New E-commerce Website Lets Consumers Choose Prices

Draper, UT— When TiKR.com launches in late July, it will provide a unique online shopping experience where consumers can not only watch as prices fluctuate so they can buy when an item hits their desired price, but also directly affect the price of the item.

Unlike retail stores where the price is fixed or auction websites where the price only rises, prices on TiKR will both rise and fall, giving savvy shoppers the opportunity to buy at their ideal price point.

TiKR uses new patent pending technology to set prices for the items it sells using real-time supply and demand. Potential buyers can watch as prices increase and decrease on a moment-by-moment basis as the actions of buyers and sellers cause supply and demand to fluctuate.

Soon, TiKR will also include additional features that give consumers even more control. Shoppers will be able to gain insights on price fluctuations by viewing an item’s history, receive notifications when an item reaches their desired price, and even directly cause a decrease in an item’s price simply by sharing the product listing with their friends via Facebook or other social media.

This new model promises a revolutionary new e-commerce experience that is as exciting as it is easy. You may have to wait a few weeks to try out TiKR, but don’t wait until then to find out more. Follow the launching progress on TiKR.com.

Media Contact:
Todd Jensen


June 12, 2012

New TiKR Website to Simplify Online Shopping

Draper, UT — This summer, a new e-commerce website promises to offer an online shopping experience that is as easy as it is fun.

Other e-commerce websites such as Amazon.com offer shoppers a chance to compare many products from a variety of sources. But at times the very quantity of options can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to compare the quality and features of items from a variety of sellers.

TiKR.com will take the guesswork out of online shopping. A shopper simply enters the brand and model of their desired item and they are immediately taken to the product page. They do not have to sift through entries from multiple sellers and compare varied features or seller reputations to determine which is the best value. Tikr.com aggregates the individual entries so all the shopper sees is one product description and the price.

TiKR works with sellers to ensure that all products are high quality so the buyer does not have to worry about evaluating the trustworthiness of the seller. In fact, the buyer will not even see the names of the sellers, letting them focus instead on the product and make the purchasing decision based solely on price.

Prices on TiKR are determined by real-time supply and demand. A graph is displayed next to the product description, showing the potential buyer how the price has increased or decreased over the past few minutes. The price reflects the current market value of the product and is updated every few seconds, immediately reflecting the changes in supply and demand.

TiKR will offer an interface that is clean and easy to use to help online shoppers quickly find what they are looking for.

Media Contact:
Todd Jensen


May 30, 2012

A Major Development in E-commerce is Coming

Draper, UT- Imagine a shopping experience in which supply and demand impact prices in real time. Imagine being able to follow the fluctuations in the price until you hit your desired price point. That opportunity will arrive this summer.

Supply and demand have long been the forces molding the free market economy in the United States. Auction sites are a testament to this, as individuals base their bids on how much they value the product. If the demand is low, the price will end low. If the demand is high, it could lead to a bidding war.

But auction sites have lost their novelty. And auctions are only exciting for the last few minutes of the sale. What if you didn’t have to wait for days at a time, to get to the exciting part of the sale? What if you could watch the price change in real time, right in front of your eyes, every hour of every day? What if online shopping was always exciting?

TiKR.com is a new online shopping experience that will incorporate supply and demand into real-time pricing. Online shoppers will be able to watch for the price they are hoping for and buy when an item hits their desired price point. Even auction resellers will have the opportunity to buy products at a low price point for their own reselling purposes. And if demand is too high, the price point will go up, narrowing the buying field for serious shoppers.

Launching this summer, TiKR.com will offer all of these benefits and more, with a new technology that sets this site apart from the rest. Real-time pricing means real excitement. TiKR.com will change the way people buy online.

Media Contact:
Todd Jensen


May 23, 2012

Imagine an online shopping experience in which supply and demand impact prices in real time. Imagine the excitement of a watching prices rise and fall and the thrill of knowing you got the best possible price on a hot item. That opportunity will arrive this summer.

TiKR.com is a new online shopping experience that uses cutting edge technology to incorporate supply and demand into real-time pricing for a variety of consumer items. Online shoppers will be able to watch as prices fluctuate and buy when a product hits their desired price point.

The premise is simple economics, but instead of waiting days or weeks for market forces to affect prices, the changes will be shown within a few seconds or minutes. If many people are buying the item or there is a limited supply, the price will immediately go up, leaving the remaining items for the buyers who are interested enough to pay a higher price. When interest dies down (even for a short time) or there is a surplus in supply, the price will go down, giving patient shoppers a chance to buy the item at a lower price. Everyone wins!

Real-time pricing means real excitement. Our slogan, “buy low, save high,” references the stock market adage of “buy low, sell high,” hoping to invoke in its transactions the same excitement and rush found on the stock market selling floor or in the last few minutes of an online auction.

With its real-time fluctuations and exciting interface, TiKR offers a brand new e-commerce experience. Follow the progress and watch for more news on TiKR.com, the website that stands poised to change online shopping forever.